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Zoom90 Robotic Total Station


Zoom90 Robotic Total Station

£12,325.00 GBP

GeoMax Zoom90 Series fulfills all your needs with one-man fully-operational robotic total stations. Zoom90 is the ultimate one-man system with up to 20% more automation performance, extended reflectorless measurement capability, STReAM360, accXess technologies and Windows CE open connectivity. Because a perfect solution is more than its single components, the Zoom90 seamless integration makes it the ultimate solution.

Open Windows CE

  • Field software flexibility
  • Complete Windows CE functionality
  • Full VGA capability

Outstanding Performance

  •  STReAm360: Scout-TRack-AiM
  • 1000 m reflectorless
  • Precise capture

The Zoom90 seamless integration provides:

  • Full automation
  • Long range Bluetooth®
  • X-MOTION hybrid™ drives

What's Included:

834445 Zoom90 R Fully Robotic WinCE Total Station with AiM360, TRack360 and Scout360, 1"/2"/5", accXXess5/10 EDM, NavLight, alphanumeric keyboard with VGA colour & touch display, Long Range Bluetooth Handle interface, internal Bluetooth, USB port, SD Card slot, Quick Guide and shipping case. 1
837826 GeoMax Zoom90 CD 1
776093 ZBA400, Li-Ion Battery 4.4Ah 1
766872 ZCH201 Charger for ZBA201 & ZBA400 Li-Ion batteries 1
765617 ZTR101 Standard Tribrach without optical plummet, black 1
834473 ZRT82, Zoom90 LR-Bluetooth Handle, gray 1
834475 ZSD01 Industrial Grade SD Card, 1GB 1
832680 ZPR1 360° Reflector 1
807159 ZPC201 Telescopic Carbon Fibre and aluminium pole with stub for TPS, extends to 2.3 m 1
794088 ZDC301 USB cable Mini-USB to USB Host (Zipp10/Zipp20/Zoom40/Zoom90 to a PC/Tablet) 1

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