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ZAL200 Series Automatic Level


ZAL200 Series Automatic Level

£160.00 GBP

Construction Level

ZAL200 series levels are suitable for easy levelling on all interior and exterior sites.

  • The ZAL200 series is substantially similar to the ZAL100 series.
  • ZAL200 instruments have a higher water protection class, IP56, and the best air-damped compensator in its instrument class.
  • Three different magnifications.
  • Reference circle for horizontal angle measurements.
  • Stadia lines for optical distance measurement and simple terrain surveys.
  • Stakeout heights.
  • Automatic compensation via air-damped compensator.
  • ZAL220 with 20x magnification
  • ZAL224 with 24x magnification
  • ZAL232 with 32x magnification

 ZAL220 - 20x, ZAL224 - 24x, ZAL232 - 32x

Fild of view

 < 2.1m at 100m



Circle Graduation / Interval

 360° / 1°

Accuracy / 1km double run

 ZAL220-2.5mm, ZAL224-2mm, ZAL232-1.9mm

Working range

 ± 15‘

Multiplicat. / Additive const.

 100 / 0

Stadia lines


Shortest target distance

 < 1m

Circular vial

8‘ / 2mm





Working Temp.

 -20°C to +40°C



ZAL200 Datasheet

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