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GeoPod2 GNSS Rover


GeoPod2 GNSS Rover

£1,595.00 GBP

High Accuracy, GNSS Rover - no pole required clips on to tablet etc.

The Blackroc GeoPod2 is a small, lightweight, weatherproof and affordable GNSS Rover which has an in-built survey grade GNSS helicore active antenna, co-aligned with a laser spot marker, enabling accurate positioning over a ground mark. An internal accelerometer or spirit bubble (optional) ensures verticality.

A range of devices is available from sub-metre to professional survey grade with 1cm (RTK) accuracy.

Added to a new or existing tablet PC the GeoPod2 allows the tablet to be field upgraded to a full high spec. GNSS device.

Applications for the GeoPod include GIS surveys, Construction, field service, Utility mapping, Highway Maintenance, Local Authority mapping and Emergency Services.

Location information can be collected via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi connected to mobile devices. The unit can be self-powered in autonomous mode to log data without an attached host computer.


  • Multi-constellation support
  • Spot marker
  • BT & WiFi
  • Embedded web server
  • GoPro mounting system
  • Interchangeable antenna
  • Compatible multiple platforms
  • GeoPod2 can be upgraded to the Elite version
   Geopod2   Geopod2 Pro  Geopod 2 Elite
 Accuracy  Native  1.5m  1.5m  1.5m
 SBAS  0.7m  0.6m  0.6m
 DGPS  0.5m  0.45m  0.45m
 RTK  x  x  1cm+1ppm
 Data Rate  1Hz (10Hz upgrade) 20Hz (50Hz upgrade)  1Hz (50Hz upgrade)
 Constellation  GPS  L1  L1  L1,L2,L2C
 Glonass  x (L1 upgrade)  L1  L1,L2
 Galileo  x  x (E1,E5B upgd)  (E1,E5B upgd)
 BeiDou  x  x (B1,B2 upgd)  (B1,B2 upgd)
 Channels  14  120  120
 IP Rating  IP65  IP65  IP65


 Size  98x58x33mm excl. antenna
 150x58x33mm incl. antenna
 Weight  205gm
 Antenna Connection  SMA
 External Antenna Voltage  Switchable 3v to 5v
 Interface  BT, micro-USB, WiFi

 Click here to view - Geopod2 Brochure

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