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GeoMax Zenith15 GSM Network Rover Kit


GeoMax Zenith15 GSM Network Rover Kit

£6,395.00 GBP

GeoMax Zenith15 is the robust entry level GNSS receiver with a choice of  GSM only or GSM and UHF. Withstanding vibration and 2m topple over, unbeatable IP68 protection for dust and immersion in water, the Zenith15 GNSS receiver is built to last, performing under extreme conditions. 

This resilience comes together with the unmatched Q-Lock technology which enables tracking in challenging conditions. Swift Survey supplies the Getac PS336 Controller with X-Pad Field Software as standard but accommodates your preferred data logger and field software, yielding full flexibility and open connectivity in the field.

  • Integrated 3.75 G GSM module provides connectivity over long distances and greatest flexibility. 
  • Novatel GNSS & Q-Lock Technology means all visible satellites are tracked with the highest possible sensitivity. Sophisticated tracking and multipath mitigation algorithms reduce noise interference.
  • Robustness IP68 dust tight and water immersion protection, and vibration and shock resistance.


 Q-Lock technology

 Lowest noise & multipath mitigation

 Satellites (simultaneous tracking)


 Channels  120
 GPS tracking  L1,L2,L2C
 GLONASS tracking  L1,L2
 Positioning rate  5Hz
 Static H/V (mm + ppm)  5 + 0.5 / 10 + 0.5
 Static long H/V (mm + ppm)  3 + 0.4 / 3.5 + 0.4
 Kinematic H/V (mm + ppm)  10 + 1 / 20 + 1
 GSM/GPRS  Quad-Band & Penta-Band
 UHF radio  Optional
 Bluetooth  Device class II
 Communication port  USB, serial & power
 Data recording  8Gb removable microSD card
 GSM/TCP/IP  Removable SIM card
 Power Supply:
 External power/Internal battery  10.5v to 28v/Removable 2.6Ah, 7.4v
 Operating time (static/rover)  7.5h/5h
 Dimensions/Weight  95x198mm/1.2Kg
 Protection class  IP68

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