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Nedo Sirius 1H Horizontal Rotating Laser - Rechargeable (Product no 471933)


Nedo Sirius 1H Horizontal Rotating Laser - Rechargeable (Product no 471933)

£450.00 GBP

The fully automatic Sirius1 H horizontal rotating laser has one-pushbutton control for easy handling.

Height errors are also avoided via self-levelling control which stops rotatation if the laser receives a heavy jolt. Simply switch on and off you go!


  • Fully automatic horizontal laser for exterior applications
  • Working range with receiver/adaptor 300m
  • Self-levelling range ± 5°, with motor-powered levelling
  • Accuracy +/- 1mm at 10m
  • High-Power laser diode (laser class 3R) for very good laser beam visibility
  • Alternatively available with Class 2 laser
  • Automatic level control stops the laser if it receives a heavy jolt
  • Rugged housing protects against low pressure jet water in accordance with IP 65
  • Rotor protection made from break-proof glass
  • High-Power NiMH rechargeable batteries for long operation 
  • Weight 5.85Kg

    What's included:

    1x Rotating laser SIRIUS1H (471930)
    1x laser receiver/ACCEPTOR2 with rod clamp
    1x rechargeable batteries
    1x charger
    1x case

     Click here to view - Nedo Sirius1H Laser Brochure

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