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New GeoMax Zenith25 Pro

GeoMax GPS Zenith25 Pro

GeoMax releases the new Zenith25 Pro. Equipped with an internal radio, 3.75 G Penta band GSM and the full support of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and SBAS systems, the latest GeoMax GNSS receiver is truly ready for the future.

Its full set of communications and features is combined with the Q-Lock™ technology that makes the Zenith25 Pro a suitable GNSS receiver for all your applications.

Key features
  • Simultaneous tracking of up to 60 satellites (120 channels) 
  • Internal 3.75G Penta band GSM 
  • Integrated UHF 
  • USB & Bluetooth™ communication 
  • IP68 Dust and waterproof 
  • Included GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou* license 
  • Up to 20 Hz positioning tracking 
  • Q-Lock™ technology 
  • * Zenith25 Pro4 model only 
Onboard firmware

Zenith25 Pro will be delivered with the onboard software version 2.60, supporting the above mentioned features and the following new functionality:

  • BeiDou functionality supported on the Zenith25 Pro4 model. 
BeiDou is a fast growing Chinese GNSS system and will soon have global coverage. It pushes the performance of Zenith25 Pro to the next level, providing additional satellites and thus, improving position availability especially under difficult measurement conditions.
  • The new standardized RTCM format “RTCM 3.2 MSM” has been introduced. This format supports all satellites and signals being available. To include BeiDou satellites it is required select this format. 
  • Log data directly in RINEX 3.02 format onto the Zenith25 Pro SD card. 
The new firmware incorporates the NMEA message version 4.1, supporting Galileo and BeiDou constellations. When using Glonass or BeiDou, NMEA v4.1 outputs information in a more compact structure, therefore, less bandwidth is used. Backwards compatibility is guaranteed by the NMEA v4.0 continuous support.

To benefit from some of the new features the field software must be also updated.
Please contact Swift Survey or your GeoMax Partner to download new firmware.

GeoMax Assistant Zenith25 Pro

The GeoMax Assistant Zenith25 has been improved in order to show the loaded NovAtel license as well as the new GSM module, Cinterion PHS8 in the “Information” panel.

Field Software
  • GeoMax FieldGenius 
GeoMax Survey FieldGenius 7 Premium supports Zenith25 Pro from version 7.2 onwards.
  • GeoMax Layout Pro 
GeoMax Layout Pro supports Zenith25 Pro from version 7.2 onwards.
  • X-PAD 

X-PAD and X-PAD Android support the new Zenith25 Pro from version 2.6.102 onwards.

In case of X-PAD questions, please contact support@geomax-positioning.com

  • Carlson SurvCE 

Carlson SurvCE supports Zenith25 Pro from version onwards.

GeoMax Geo Office (GGO)

GGO is not affected by this release and remains in its latest version 3.21.

Please note that in the current version, a BeiDou post processing is not yet supported. This will follow with the next major release which is scheduled for the beginning of 2015.

Update recommendation

The current GeoMax Zenith25 customers can take advantage of the software improvements listed above by uploading the new firmware onto the receiver. Thus, it is recommended to upgrade all existing Zenith25 receivers in the market to the new firmware version.

User Manual & Quick Guide

A new GeoMax Zenith25 Pro User Manual has been created and is available in several languages and supplied together with the receiver on a CD.
A multilingual Quick Guide is available, incorporating the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. It is available in printed and electronic format. A hardcopy is supplied with each delivery.


Zenith25 Pro is now available 

All Zenith25 Pro GNSS antennas include a new by default GPS as well as full GLONASS signal tracking.
All Zenith25 Pro4 GNSS antennas provide by default full BeiDou signal tracking in addition to GPS and GLONASS.
For a detailed list of available packages and its contents contact info@swiftsurvey.net.

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